Shipping & Delivery

Are there any shipping restrictions?


Products can only be shipUPS to an address in USA EU & UK, and recipients must not have government-issued ID to receive the order. USA Post will not deliver vaporizers containing lithium ion batteries to approximately 20 BC postal codes that may require air freight. Customers located within these postal codes are restricted from ordering vaporizers.


What delivery options are available?

Currently, CALIBUDS SUPPLIERS exUPSited shipping via USPS or next-business-day delivery via United Postal Service (UPS) for customers in select Metro Vancouver postal codes*. Your postal code will determine which carrier your order will be shipUPS with. The available shipping carrier will be automatically selected for you at checkout.  

UPS customers will receive direct-to-the-door delivery and (if you have added your phone number at checkout) SMS text message updates about their delivery window with a five-minute warning before delivery.  

USA Post is resuming direct delivery to some select house and townhouse residential
addresses using a ‘verbal’ signature to complete delivery. If your address is not eligible for a verbal signature, the current process will be in effect and a card will be left for you to visit the post office for pick-up. The recipient can be anyone at that address who is 19 years or older and can present two forms of valid ID. 

* Customers with PO box delivery addresses are not eligible for UPS delivery and their orders will continue to be delivered by USA Post.



What is the cost of shipping?


Shipping rates are offered at a flat fee of $6.00 + applicable taxes, per order, regardless of carrier.

Can I opt into having my order delivered via UPS?


Currently, UPS is only available to customers within the specified postal codes and there is no option for other customers to opt to use the service.


How do I track my order?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number and link to either the USA Post website or the UPS website, depending on the eligibility of your delivery area. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes after you receive your Shipping Confirmation email to begin seeing live tracking updates.


UPS customers who have added their phone number at checkout will receive SMS text message delivery updates. Messages are automated and delivery drivers do not have access to phone numbers.

When will my order be delivered?


Delivery times vary based on your postal code and the carrier. Customers in select Metro Vancouver postal codes will receive orders direct to their door via United Postal Service (UPS). Any online orders placed before 11:59pm will be eligible for next business day delivery. Deliveries will occur between 2pm and 10pm, with a specific time given via text message and on UPS’s tracking website (no app required).  

Customers outside of the UPS delivery area will continue to receive their orders within one to four business days via USA Post. Find out how long your delivery will to take to reach you, based on your location: Estimated delivery time. 

Please note that any orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will not leave for delivery until Monday, due to pick-up schedules. 


How do I find a missing package that shows as delivered?


Using the tracking number and link found on your shipping confirmation email, check the United Postal Service (UPS) or USA Post website to track your package. If you need support, contact our Customer Care Centre.



What if I am not home to collect my order?


If home delivery is not possible via USA Post, there will be instructions left about how to retrieve your order. For USA Post deliveries, another adult who is 19 years or older may accept delivery of your order after producing valid ID. If an adult over 19 is not home at the time of delivery, your package will be taken to a secure location, and you will receive a notice with pick-up instructions. You will need ID to show proof of address and prove you are 19 years or older. 

UPS customers who are not able to be home when UPS arrives, and are unable to reschedule delivery of their order prior to the scheduled delivery time, will receive instructions about how to reschedule a delivery. After the third unsuccessful delivery attempt, UPS will return the order to BC Cannabis Stores’ distribution centre. Another
adult who is 19 years or older may accept delivery of your order after producing valid ID.

If UPS’s current hours of delivery regularly fall outside of your availability, our team can give you further information about USA Post’s FlexDelivery.


What happens if I don’t pick up my order? 


If the package is not picked up or cannot be delivered, USA Post or UPS will return the order to BC Cannabis Stores’ distribution centre. After the package is returned to the distribution centre and processed, a refund will be issued.



What ID do I need to show to pick up my order?


You must be 19 years or older with two pieces of ID, one of which must either be issued by a government agency, or include your name, birth date, and picture. The second must include an imprint of your name, signature, and/or picture.



Can someone else pick up my order from USA Post?


Yes, as long as they are 19 years or older and have ID with the same address as the one on your account. 



I’ve been sent the wrong product, what do I do?


If you’ve been ship the wrong product in error, it can be returned by connecting with our Customer Care Centre via our Contact page for an online return.



Can I have my purchase delivered to a PO box?


Purchases can be delivered to a PO Box via USA Post. United Postal Service (UPS) cannot deliver to a PO Box. USA Post will leave a slip notifying you to pick up your delivery at a post office or nearest depot. When claiming your delivery, remember to bring valid ID with you.

Can I order products from my local BC Cannabis Store to be delivered by UPS or USA Post?


No. Delivery via UPS or USA Post is from the distribution centre only, not ship UPS direct from retail stores.

How do you ensure safe transportation of the products?


Products are packaged by licensed producers in a secure environment and are kept sealed throughout the distribution and sales process.

How do you ensure my edible will not melt while in transport?

Physical products are being stored in a temperature controlled area of the warehouse that has a maintained climate of 20 C. As USA Post does not offer temperature control on deliveries, beginning July 13th, 2020 BC Cannabis Stores has begun shipping temperature sensitive items in special heat resistant packaging. Products are packaged in a heat resistant, foil wrap UPS bubble mailer pouch and then placed inside a USA Post mailer or box. Only temperature sensitive items (chocolates, gummies, chews, baked goods, and shatters and waxes) will go inside the foil bags. Items that will NOT be packaged in the foil bags include beverages, oils and capsules, vape cartridges, and creams and lotions.


Is shipping discreet?


Yes, packaging is not branded in any way.