Can i give the money to the courier?

well if there was a means of giving the money to the courier, they wouldn’t have created dark market in the pass years. illegal deals do not accept cash on delivery. you pay then the sender, sends… that is how it works and it is based on trust since the darknet is no more safe for us vendors because of the many police arrests due to the many fake websites owned by hackers

so now it is strictly based on trust and real vendors will show you the product on video call (but make sure you off your camera and say no word) and even show you packages of current orders they need to ship

it’s ok i understand. i wouldn’t take the risk also. anyways sometimes success can’t be archieved without some certain levels of sacrifices

it’s ok. it’s good you said with another buyer. there are many fake people out there. everyone needs to be careful. but you need to remember that the real people also exist and we make this business stands what is it..


i do not send agents to meet new client who wasn’t sent to us by an old client or who doesn’t have a past business relationship with us

Does the banknotes look like real money?

yes the banknotes look and feel like real money. they pass the light and pen test. they also pass the UV test. they are perfect to be used at the gas station, the supermarket, the grocery store, the vending machines and also places where cash is accepted

can i get a sample? / can i get a tester / can i order only a gram now?

We would really love to send you a sample but our business have grown big so the least we do now is 2000 for 310(FOR FAKE MONEY)  and 30 grams for 210(FOR CANNABIS ORDERS) as we often only receive  huge orders. most of our  clients just order huge as we have been doing business for a long time. We don’t send small orders anymore because We don’t want to over-use our names with the couriers by shipping small orders as we may be restricted to send again. So now we only post huge orders but either ways, we can begin with the minimums as mentioned above.

What guarantee do I have that it will be sent?

it is ok. We would think the same. Check the testimonials page and you will see screenshots of clients we had ship recently who had received their orders and you can also call me on video chat to see the money and the cannabis live on video chat now and along with other packages we want to ship today. besides why would we scam you when we could make a lot more with future deals? Really makes no sense to me why people steal from others when there is too much money to be made!

How long is the delivery?

Delivery time depends on the location of the client and our branch which is closest to your location. Contact us for more information..

Which courier or shipping company do you use?

I will ship it either with UPS or with a private courier company then send you the soft copy or hard copy of the receipt with tracking number on it so you can follow up with the delivery of your good. We also do Pack stations Drops and also Parcel locker Delivery options

After you have read the above information, send to us the receiver address in the format:

Apartment Number
Zip code