About Us

15 Years Of Experience As A Personal Pitbull Breeder.

We are one of the renounced American pit bull terrier and we have been breeding with my family since 2005 nationally and internationally and have gained lots of experiences. We raise beautiful AKC registered pit bull Puppies here at our farm. We have pit bull puppies for sale throughout each year. We have shown great credibility to our clients in the past and have build an invincible reputation with our clients within USA and worldwide. We are willing and able to do business with any individual willing to purchase a puppy for his or her home or family. We are now giving out our puppies at price discount for reasons that concern me and my family.  Taking care of our lovely puppies is a full time job. They don’t stay in a pen all day. Our puppies socializes with other dogs and spend the hot summer days swimming in the pool. They are part of us. They are loyal with a great temperament towards   people. If we are out in the yard having a family function they are out there in the middle of it all. So with us.

After years of importing, I purchased my first pup, Carl, and was hooked right from the start. I made the long flight to picked up my beautiful blue pair of pit bull puppies who became my world from that moment forward. 
The goal of a breeder, when trying to create their version of an ideal pit bull, can be very different than that of an owner. Here  our desire is to produce pit bulls that not only have the size and WOW factor, but also have correct confirmation and can WIN in the show ring. We breed for correctness on both the front and rear ends. We strive for bully pit–bull’s that maintain just the right weight and skin tone. No sloppy saggy lips and skin. We refuse to keep our bulls at heavy weights just to tip the scales. Our pit-bull ,bully’s here  are kept in athletic weight, not to thin, not to heavy, just right. We breed for perfect toe angle and perfect teeth. We strive for noses that are just the right size and heads that are just the right width. We do not want our pit bull to be extremely tall nor have backs that are to long, but look proportional to their frame. We breed for attitude befitting an active FAMILY DOG. Not to lazy, not to hyper, right in between; the bully, pit- bulls that will play ball, hike, run marathons, but also that naps, relax and lounge around with the family. We have the exact image of the bully, pit bull we hope to produce one day in our minds, and with trial and error we will get there.

An owner, on the other hand, plans to purchase a pet that fits into their lifestyle, and that of their families. A pit-bull that they find visually appealing and lovable, as well as capable of keeping pace with their daily busyness. Just like people each and every pit-bull is unique. The goal is for World’s Finest Pit-bull’s to be able to assist an owner in their new purchase by explaining the attributes of both the parents and then giving our advice based on past litters. We can’t always gauge the exact size the puppy will grow up to be, but we can get pretty close. We try to match up the perfect puppy with the excited new owner with as little stress as possible. We offer the new owner guarantees of health and genetics, and stand behind our contracts 100%. We always suggest the new owner take full advantage of basic obedience training classes offered in their area for their new pit-bull. A pit-bull, like any breed, is only as good as their owner trains them to be.